About us


Ventrex Logistics is a freight forwarding company located in Venlo: frequently awarded as being “the logistical hotspot of the Netherlands”. From our office at the Vasco da Gamaweg we provide quality logistical services to all of our clients worldwide. You should be able to focus on your core business, and not be saddled with all kinds of different logistical activities. Our thoughtful transport solutions are the focus points when we manage your logistical activities in which our team of professionals plays a crucial role. Personal lines of communication and sustainable relationships, that is what Ventrex is all about.



Ventrex forms an interplay between logistical expertise and a trustworthy business partner. Every day, our professionals work in a passionate way to reach the highest possible results for our clients. This formula puts us in a superior position as a versatile allrounder to meet all of your haulage needs. To completely unburden our clients is top-class sport, and together with our “open-minded mentality” we empower to think solution-focused. We do not only arrange the standard transport from A to B, but we also like to see things from the perspective of the entire supply chain. Together with our eager, passionate and strong team of logistical professionals, we support our clients continuously.


Ventrex aims towards enduring transport solutions in which the eco-friendly mindset will be the focus of attention in the nearby future. You, as a client, are constantly supported to the best of our abilities because of modern and technological developments within our sector. Our goal is to continuously seek for new innovations that apply to our services.